The Eligibility Rule Grammar and Ontology (ERGO)

ERGO's objective is to capture the full expressivity of clinical eligibility criteria from any clinical domain, using an information model of components of criteria, consisting of noun phrases, statement and expression templates. The goal is to have ease of use without sacrificing expressiveness.

ERGO is an abstract syntax for representing eligibility criteria (in truth, any Boolean logic decision criteria) based on an object-oriented information model of clinical statements.

ERGO Annotation is an information model for annotating eligibility criteria that abstracts away from any information model of clinical statements. It tries to characterize the events involved in the criteria and some of the constraints on them.

ERGO was constructed using Protégé 3.4 in frames



  • Samson Tu, MS1
  • Mor Peleg, PhD2
  • Simona Carini, MA3
  • Michael Bobak, MS3
  • Daniel Rubin, MD, MS1
  • Ida Sim, MD, PhD3

1Stanford University 2University of Haifa, Israel; 3University of California San Francisco

Project supported in part by grant LM-06780, The Trial Bank Project

There is currently no active development of ERGO 

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