Here are the required and recommended information to be reported about a trial's results. The bolded items are part of the Minimal Data Set.

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Required Items

Recommended Items

Optional Items

Participant Characteristics

Participant characteristics by intervention group

Number of participants and their characteristics by subgroups[1]

Overall participant characteristics

Main Outcome Results

Raw value of test statistics (e.g., p-value)


Subgroup Results

  • Raw results (including denominators) per subgroup
  • Estimated effect size and confidence interval[1]

Raw value of test statistics (e.g., p-value)


Side Effects

  • Raw results (including denominators) per subgroup[1]
  • Raw value of comparative statistics between subgroups (e.g., p-value)[1]



Summary conclusions


[1]Contact us, if you have an example of reporting this element.

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